Registering for Central Excise

What is Central Excise Duty?

It is an indirect tax which is levied on all those Goods and Products, which are manufactured or produced in India. Therefore, central excise registration is the inevitable necessity of all the manufactures in India. If any manufacturing or producing unit fails to register for Central Excise, a heavy penalty and/or imprisonment can be imposed.

Do you come under the Central Excise Law?

The Central Excise Law prevails over all the manufacturing and production units in India. This in other words means that if you are a manufacturer or producer of goods in India, you come under the Central Excise Law and therefore need to register for Central Excise. One important thing to be noted in this case is, that re-packing or production of agricultural products, assembling and selling of waste or by-product could be dutiable.

Who all are exempted from the Law?

All the industries who have their aggregate turnover of less than Rs. One Crore and Fifty lakhs per year are exempted from Central Excise. Also wholesalers of excisable goods or products, or the traders, who use excisable good for purposes other than processing or manufacturing, do not come under the Law.

Details about Central Excise Registration

Any trader whose business comes under the Central Excise Law has to obtain a Central Excise Registration number. It is a fifteen digit number which is arranged in a manner that the first ten digits are the PAN Number, the eleventh and twelfth digits are the applicant status and the last three digits signify the premises number. The traders must note that they must register separately for each of their manufacturing premises.

Once the registration process is complete and registration number is obtained, it is valid unless it is is suspended or surrendered.

For more information about Central Excise Registration in India,

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